Meet Benson

Benson the Bulldog after surgery

Here at MyVet Billinudgel the headline of Pet Of The Month has been taken by the ever so handsome 'Benson'. 

Benson is a new patient of MyVet Billinudgel along with his lovely dad Gary, and we certainly aren't complaining about the new addition. Benson initially came to us with a sore ear that turned into an aural haematoma which required surgery to repair the build up of fluid in his ear.

We are seeing a mild increase in such cases. What is an Aural Haematoma? Great question! Aural Ear haematomas are fluid-filled pockets that are found in the ear flap itself. These pockets can be caused by localized trauma and continued head shaking which then causes multiple vessels in the ear to rupture. They then bleed under the skin and form a fluid-filled pocket. Ear haematomas are commonly seen in floppy-eared dogs, but they can occur in any breed. The appearance of the pockets can sometimes resemble 'cauli-flowered' ears in humans. 

Benson the Bulldog

Benson never seemed phased by his sore ear and was always so excited to bust through our clinic doors with gusto! Benson is our pet of the month purely because he is one of the happiest and most handsome Bulldogs we've ever seen. He has also featured on our Instagram page. Although Benson's story is brief, we could go on forever about his charm, adorable character and all-round cuddly self. Welcome to the MyVet family, Gary and Benson.

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