Meet Lola - Our Patient of the month

This month’s article is about a little dog called Lola and her loving family. Lola came into the clinics just days after the flooding that swept through northern NSW as a result of Cyclone Debbie. Lola was limping quite badly after another dog at home had fallen on top of her during her family’s flood damage clean up at home.

After a consultation with Dr Josh, and numerous X-rays it was revealed that Lola had a nasty fracture which would require surgical intervention for her little bones to heal properly. At only six months old Lola made a great candidate for orthopaedic surgical by the wonderful Dr Geoff Wilson, but could the owners afford it? Lola’s owners had lost a lot in the floods and were also dealing with the devastating loss of two of their children’s school friends lost in Tweed Heads. They already had so much on their plates with their personal lives - however Lola meant the world to them. Amongst everything, they agreed to go ahead with the surgery. These were two pet parents that truly cared for their little Lola.

Within 48 hours Dr Geoff swooped in and worked his surgical magic. Lola stayed the night at the clinic and was discharged home the next day. All of the staff (especially our surgical nurse, Tori) fell madly in love with Lola as she was always wagging her little tail and so happy to see anyone that walked through the theatre doors.

Lola has since recovered beautifully and continues to heal. Her family are building back their losses but remain grateful for Lola’s recovery and the safety of their family. Such a wonderful loving family.