Meet our team members' pets

Introducing the stars that live in the homes of our team members.

Meet The Moo, who belongs to our Surgical Veterinary Nurse, Tori. The Moo is a mix of various breeds and was rescued by Tori following abandonment by her former owner. Tori then went on to adopt Darcy and Monkey who work to assist The Moo with her anti-social behaviors.

The Moo
Darcy, Monkey and The Moo

Here we have Tao and Myles who belong to Nurse Siobhan. They were both surrendered by Greyhound Racing breeders at the young age of 6 months. Rescued Greyhounds make great pets, even in apartment or condo-style living!


Goonie the Cocker Spaniel belongs to Dr Josh and as a senior dog, he has been through everything from Spinal Surgery to Chemotherapy treatment. 


Topie the Bull Terrier and Timmy the Domestic Short Hair are the newest members of the MyVet family and they belong to Nurse Caitlin. Topie has yet to officially join the clan and is still living a lovely life up in Armidale with her carer. Timmy made the long travel from Armidale with Caitlin successfully by listening to some therapeutic feline music in the car trip north.