Meet Zaki

Our patient of the month is Zaki, a cheeky male staffy. At the ripe age of seven, Zaki spends his days at the beach, running rampant around the house, eating a lot and just being plain cute. Recently, Zaki’s eating habits got him into trouble resulting in a visit to the clinic. His appetite led him to eat a rather large rock. Yes, a rock. Luckily, his owners recognised early that something wasn’t quite right and bought him in to see us. After diagnosing through radiology that Zaki had consumed a foreign body, he went underwent surgery.

Dr Samantha Brown conducted exploratory surgery on him and the rock was successfully removed. The first 24 hours after surgery was nerve wracking for all involved. He spent the first night after surgery at the AEC and returned to our clinic the following morning. After this, Zaki’s recovery improved day by day until he was finally back to his cheeky, waggy-tailed self.

His owners were very excited to take him home, as were we, however also sorry to see him leave as well fell in love with him during his stay. It is great to see that Zaki is back to his bouncy and happy self, running around the clinic as though nothing has happened. He is a very lucky boy and we hope that he takes rocks of his list of favourite things to eat.